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"Coverlings, by NY-based Renee Cologne is a remarkable full-length LP of covers done her own way, ... and the result is nothing sort of masterful." (Coverlings) Mindy McCall, Indie Pulse Music

"After hearing "Let it Be" . . . I realized I was listening to one of the most mesmerizing voices I've heard in many years. It leaves you battered and begging for more . . ." (Coverlings) - Amy Muncie, NeuFutur

"Occasionally, among the hundreds of CD's released by hopefuls reaching for the stars, there's one so brilliant it stops you dead." (Aromatherapy) - Dan Aquilante, The New York Post

"There are records that are immediately arresting. This is one of them." (The Opposite Of) - Collected Sounds

"The Opposite Of hits every mark with perfection" - Indie Music Explosion

"Renee Cologne produces music that is majestic and dramatic, painted in stunning, bold strokes on an over-sized canvas." (The Opposite Of) - Heard Magazine/

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